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Thanks to Akioe, our exhibit was a huge success. The vibrant design really made our company's name and message cut through the clutter. Highly recommended to anyone who wants their trade show presence to be a notch above the others.

- AslanCreative
John Brooks, owner

Akioe Portable Displays

present your brand professionally - with reliability and style

About Us

Akioe, pronounced (AH kee oh), began its journey in January 2000, introducing a new concept of portable display marketing to companies around the globe.

In 2005, we found our industry had become increasingly saturated with "knock-off" banner stands, so called "economy stands" that proved very unreliable in testing. We listened to the problems people were having and streamlined our product line to provide solutions that really worked. Because of this, we only deliver the highest quality portable displays available.

We believe if you are going to spend the time and money to travel, lodge, ship and exhibit - then you better have a display that is going to perform and present your brand professionally - with reliability and style.

Our clients agree.

Since then, our portable banner stands and displays have been a part of some amazing marketing campaigns, product promotions, museum exhibitions, visual merchandising exhibits and more.

Our Products

Quality and reliability is an essential part of every product. And quality equals satisfied customers. That's why we provide displays from top manufactures skilled in craftsmanship and construction.

Scandinavian designed, our products are clean, simple and user-friendly with a strong emphasis on functionality. The result is an innovative line of portable banner stands and displays that present your image in the best possible way.

Environmental-friendly, our aluminum displays and parts can can be recycled at the end of your campaign.

We are proud representatives of
ExpandMedia and Flex-display.

ExpandMedia and Flex-display


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