Retractable Banner Stand Lights

New! Expand 50W Spotlight


Banner Stand Light

Draw attention to your message with the new Expand 50W Spotlight. This modern banner stand light is designed with a swivel head, heat displacement shield, cord holder, dimmer switch and comes in a nylon bag. ↓ pricing


Banner Stand Light shown in use.

Banner Stand light shown from top view.


Banner Stand light features

Swivel Head

Adjustable in all directions, this banner stand light will put the focus where it's needed.

Heat Displacement Shield

New shield design prevents this banner stand light from overheating, which makes it easier to handle and adjust when the light is on.

Dimmer Switch

Control the brightness of the banner stand light to suit your display environment.

Nylon Travel Bag

This banner stand ight comes with its own protective nylon bag which attaches to your banner stand bag for easy transport.

Banner Stand Light Pricing

Banner Stand Light

50W Spotlight

$118Order banner Stand Display
US Standard

· Light Fixture
· 1 50W Bulb
· Cord with Dimmer Switch
· Nylon Travel Bag