Preparing for the show early, reducing the size of your booth packaging and knowing the location of your Exhibit Hall are the keys to saving money when shipping a 10×10 trade show booth.

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your trade show graphics.
    Many clients we have wait until the last minute to get graphics for their booths – and we are always happy to complete them on time and get them to show. But in many cases this requires overnight shipping – and for a 10×10 booth can be $400-$500.
  2. Is your booth portable?
    By far this is the easiest way to keep cost down when shipping a 10×10 trade show booth is to keep it portable. Shipping crates, skids or multiple boxes will require special shipping and forklift delivery to your booth, which can be big bucks.

    If possible keep your booth light and compact. There are many 10×10 booth that pack down into a single shipping case – a shipping case that then converts into a podium or counter in your booth. See an example of a trade show case / counter here.

  3. Delivery your booth to the hotel or a FedEx, UPS / Shipping Store nearby.
    Many hotels will accept large packages. Call ahead and see what they will charge to receive your booth a day before the show set up.

    Shipping your booth to one of the many FedEx, UPS, or Shipping Stores near the Exhibit Hall, and many exhibit halls have a location on the premises. This will allow you to confirm that the booth has arrived before you leave to go to the show.

  4. Shipping to alternate locations may involve a taxi ride, walking through unbearable weather or may be a time inconvenience all together and not worth the extra savings. In the end, delivering it to the show may be your best option.


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