Don’t let potential customers walk by your next trade show booth.

Attending trade shows can be a big investment in time, energy, money and resources. You design a new booth with displays and graphics that convey your businesses identity, values and message. You pick the perfect show and location to attract the most new leads. You may even have a great new product with an interesting story, promotional materials, and giveaways. Everyone is dressed for success and prepared to give their best presentation.

And then… the show starts and the trade show attendees begin walking by the booth one after the other never stopping in.

A professional trade show presenter can help you prevent lack of attendees within your booth. Ken Newman of Magnetic Productions has been working with trade show exhibitors to successfully present and craft their messages and presentations.

Watch this video below and see how a professional presenter can engage an audience and get potential customers to stay interested in the booth. It might just be what you need for your next trade show or event.


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