There are many reasons why tradeshows have been effective for all types of businesses over the past 80 years. Face-to-face marketing accelerates the sales cycle and still represents the best dollar-for-dollar value versus other competing media/marketing vehicles.

Tradeshows provide Exhibitors with the opportunity to meet clients, prospects and decision makers face-to-face to:

    1. Generate leads & drive incremental sales
    2. Solidify relationships with current customers
    3. Establish relationships with prospects, key target markets & the media
    4. Shorten the sales cycle
    5. Introduce & promote new products to a new or existing market
    6. Enhance brand & product visibility
    7. Educate & demonstrate new uses for existing products
    8. Obtain feedback on new & existing products
    9. Learn the latest industry trends
    10. Gain competitors insight
    11. Conduct competitor & market research
    12. Network with key industry contacts and key opinion leaders
    13. Learn more about the industry they support
    14. Have a presence in the industry
    15. Gain exposure in new markets
    16. Find personnel to grow your company
    17. Build sales force moral & foster comaraderie
    18. Demonstrate your commitment to a marketplace and your clients
    19. Identify new business opportunities
    20. Reinfoce & test marketing strategies

When evaluating whether to exhibit at a show or not, consider how your presence – or absence – at important trade shows affects your business. Trying to save a few dollars today could compromise business tomorrow.

Special thanks to the marketing team of Orbus for spreading the word about trade show exhibiting.

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